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Sexual Assaults

R.L. v. Fleetwood Management Group (Woman raped in Laundry Room of Dupont Circle Apartment Building)
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“Rent Out of Shape:” Dupont tenants wonder why won't landlord cash our monthly checks? Washington City Paper. 20 June 2007.

A lawsuit filed in March against the building’s owners and managers alleges that they are trying to convert the building against the tenants’ will. “Ownership and management are aggressively pursuing their attempts at coercing the August’s tenants into accepting condo conversion,” attorney Douglas Sparks wrote in the complaint.

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Man gets 20 years in Sex Assaults of 2 Women. Washington Post. 10 June 2006.

A man who admitted sexually assaulting a woman in the laundry room of a Northwest Washington apartment building and raping another woman five days later in a basement several blocks away was sentenced yesterday to 20 years in prison . . . [The first victim said of her attacker]: “He deserves to reap the consequences of his actions . . .[he] is a man without regard for humanity — who sees a woman crying, begging before him, and doesn't stop, even for a moment, to recognize her as a soul herself.”

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Police Seek Help in Sexual Assault Case. CBS - W*USA News. 28 December 2004.

Police want you to see the video so officers can capture their man. The man who police say sexually assaulted a 29-year old woman in the basement of her condo building just north of Dupont Circle. The man is also wanted for questioning in connection with an earlier sexual assault at another Dupont Circle apartment building.

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Police: Woman Sexually Assaulted In Laundry Area. NBC4 News 27 December 2004.

“District police are investigating a sexual assault that occurred at 9:42 a.m. Friday morning at an apartment building in the Dupont Circle area of Northwest. Police said a 29-year-old female was sexually assaulted in the basement laundry room of her apartment building in the 1800 block of New Hampshire Avenue. ”

L.C. v. Chevy Chase Motel Associates (N.Y. Woman Raped in Hotel Room)

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Man Arrested for Rape in Bethesda Hotel. The Gazette. 26 September 2005.

Police arrested a Wheaton man for raping a New York woman in her hotel room. The woman answered a knock at her door shortly after midnight. The man pushed her down, shut the door, and raped her. He held a pillow over her face, making it difficult for her to breathe. The woman broke free and ran to the front desk for help.

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Hotels Safe Despite Recent Crime Incidents. The Gazette. 9 November 2005.

Intoxicated intruder breaches lax security at the Holiday Inn in Bethesda and rapes female guest in her room during early morning hours.

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B.S. v. District of Columbia (Sexual Abuse at DC Public School) . Ex-Coach Gets 3 Years in Fondling. Washington Post. 27 September 2003.

Coach convicted of molesting teenage girls at public school. Civil lawsuits follow criminal convictions.

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Allegations of Sexual Abuse at DC School. Fox 5 News. 13 February 2003.

Teenage girls on school basketball team report coach’s sex abuse at the public school.

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Accused Coach Has Record of Sex Abuse. Washington Post. 5 February 2003.

School hired coach for girls’ sports despite history of sex crimes.

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Woman Awarded $180,000 in 2nd DC Fondling Case. Washington Post. 31 March 1992.

“Attorney Douglas R. Sparks cited a 1987 report [that] said Joy often shouted out ambulance windows at women and flirted when he should have been working. Sparks argued that the city should have known Joy was a poor choice to be an ambulance worker.”

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Questions Abound for DC Ambulance Service. CBS - W*USA News. 1991.

Attorney Douglas Sparks says DC’s internal documents show officials did not act properly after the first complaint, and the ambulance attendant should never have been put back on the street . . “It's hard to imagine a more outrageous set of circumstances than when you're molested in an ambulance, ” said attorney Sparks.

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G.C. v. District of Columbia. Legal Times. 18 December 1989.

“In a . . . suit claiming that the District government was negligent in its supervision of an ambulance crew that . . . sexually assaulted a female patient being taken to the hospital, a District couple is relying on . . . Douglas Sparks . . . .”

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Suit Alleges Medics Assaulted SE Woman. Washington Post. 2 December 1989.

A civil lawsuit alleges that a city ambulance worker assigned to transport a.... woman to a hospital [instead] “parked the ambulance in an unknown location... exposed himself to the woman, fondled her, and committed other assaultive acts upon her...”

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P.J. v. District of Columbia (Third Woman Sexually Molested in Ambulance). Eyewitness News Investigates Sexual Assaults by Ambulance Personnel. CBS - W*USA News. 1991.

“Sources have said the driver of Ambulance 21 witnessed the attack in the rear view mirror and backs up P.J.’s story . . . The incident with P.J. is not the first time the D.C. Ambulance Service has had to investigate incidents of sexual misconduct by an ambulance crew member.”

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