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“No Lawyer Is More Devoted to His Client’s Cause”

— Sexual Assault Co-Counsel

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Doug as co-counsel on a major sexual assault premises liability case which was successfully concluded without trial. Doug is aggressive and creative and is always several steps ahead of his opponents. No lawyer works harder to discover the witnesses and proof necessary for success in complex personal injury litigation. No lawyer is more devoted to his client’s cause.

“Always Three Steps Ahead of His Opponents”

— Former Associate and Co-Counsel

I worked for Douglas Sparks for four years, and everything I learned about the practice of law I learned from him. Doug is the kind of lawyer that should teach a course in civil litigation. He could write the manual on how to succeed as a plaintiff's attorney. Using the best practices I learned from him has put me miles ahead of other lawyers, even those with much more experience. Doug is one of the few lawyers who actually reads every word of every legal document exchanged in a lawsuit. He makes no assumptions and methodically makes reference to every pertinent rule and examines every case cited by the defense. Before a defendant serves discovery, Doug already has a shelf full of indexed binders; he is always three steps ahead of his opponents. He never, ever gives up; he never for one moment believes he can't find a solution to any legal dilemma. You would be hard pressed to find a lawyer who is smarter, more ingenious, tenacious, harder working, or who cares more about his clients.

“One Dedicated and Courageous Trial Lawyer”

— Auto Accident Co-Counsel

Martin Luther King said the arc of history is a long one, but it trends toward justice. In Doug Sparks, we have our very own story of how one dedicated and courageous trial lawyer is helping along this trend of history. Each of us helps this trend in our own way by taking on the cause of injured people with limited or no resources to challenge those institutions with power and authority, but helping a family achieve justice for the death of their incarcerated son while also engineering changes to unsafe institutional policies certainly leans the arc of history heavily in the direction in which we all would like to see it go.

“A Creative Approach That Was Vital to Our Clients’ Acquittals”

— Criminal Defense Co-Counsel

Doug, I wanted to take a break from the press of daily cases and say how much I learned from you throughout our joint representation. You took a unique and creative approach by broadening the scope of the case from the narrow time frame the prosecutor wanted to focus on. As a result, you secured documents and identified witnesses that were vital to our clients’ acquittals at trial. I enjoyed working with you and am a better lawyer because of it.

“The Finest of Our Profession”

— Retired D.C. Lawyer

Doug, you have worked so hard and given such valuable thought to my dear friend’s situation. I think you are the finest of our profession.

“He is a passionate advocate who relentlessly pursues his clients' cases”

— Managing Partner, D.C. Law Firm

"I have known Doug personally and professionally for over 20 years. Aside from top notch legal abilities, nobody prepares better."

— Partner, D.C. Law Firm

“Doug is an outstanding personal injury lawyer and has a strong sense of social consciousness that sets him apart from many plaintiffs' lawyers.”

— Partner, D.C. Law Firm

“Mr. Sparks is an excellent lawyer, with great experience and credentials.”

— Partner, D.C. Law Firm

“Douglas is a true professional and excellent attorney. Douglas has a reputation in the D.C. legal community as one of the top personal injury lawyers.”

— Managing Partner, D.C. Law Firm

“Very experienced and knowledgeable.”

— Partner, D.C. Law Firm

“Doug Sparks is an attorney with the highest ethical and legal standards. He is a credit to our profession.”

— Partner, D.C. Law Firm

“He always represents his clients zealously while exhibiting the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.”

— Partner, D.C. Law Firm

"I have defended several cases brought by Mr. Sparks over almost twenty years. He is consistently very well prepared. In defending cases against Mr. Sparks, I always know that I will be in for tough battle, of the sort we all went school for, and not over petty bickering over nonsense. "

— Partner, D.C. Law Firm

“Douglas is an excellent attorney.”

— Managing Partner, D.C. Law Firm

“Mr. Sparks is a top notch attorney who gets excellent results.”

— D.C. Lawyer

“Doug is a great attorney who goes out of his way for his clients.”

— D.C. Lawyer