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Criminal Defense

About Criminal Defense

For people under investigation by law enforcement authorities or charged with committing crimes, choosing the right lawyer at the right time can be among life’s most important decisions. The right lawyer often can influence whether prosecutors seek indictments, obtain arrest warrants, and bring formal charges. Anyone who receives a Grand Jury subpoena, is contacted by prosecutors, or is arrested by police should immediately contact an experienced Washington, D.C. criminal defense lawyer. The consequences of trying to deal with such matters without counsel can land one in jail. When people are formally charged with committing crimes, the right lawyer often can influence whether criminal charges result in convictions and lengthy prison sentences or acquittals, plea bargains, and probation.

Experience and Track Record

Mr. Sparks has represented nearly one thousand clients on criminal charges in local and federal courts. He has defended close to fifty criminal jury trials, won dozens of acquittals, and secured numerous dismissals on charges ranging from First Degree Murder and Conspiracy to Public Corruption and White Collar crimes. The National Trial Lawyers lists Mr. Sparks as one of the “Top 100 Criminal Trial Lawyers” in the District of Columbia.

Mr. Sparks accepts select criminal cases for clients seeking top-notch legal representation. His recent clients include political campaign donors subpoenaed in connection with a high profile public corruption investigation, college students seeking to have minor criminal records sealed or expunged, business owners charged with white collar conspiracies, and a prominent public figure seeking removal of a news report disclosing expunged records from a television station’s website. Because Washington, D.C. criminal defense attorney Douglas Sparks has developed strong relationships with many local news reporters, he is adept at dealing with the media in publicized cases.

Representative Cases Handled By Mr. Sparks
  • A Washington, D.C. husband and wife were indicted by a Hagerstown, Maryland grand jury on white collar theft and conspiracy charges. Neither the husband nor wife were aware they had been indicted until police arrested them at home early one morning. They both rejected plea offers and the case went to trial. The prosecution presented testimony from eighteen witnesses over the course of four days before resting its case. At that juncture, Mr. Sparks requested the trial judge to dismiss all charges, arguing that the prosecutor’s evidence failed to show that a crime had been committed. The judge agreed, acquitted the couple of all charges in the middle of trial, and dismissed the jury. Mr. Sparks subsequently persuaded a local television news director to delete video of the couple’s initial arrest from the station’s archives because the prosecutor had tipped off the media to a “perp walk” he had improperly orchestrated. You can read the client’s review here and news coverage about the case here .

  • A Latino teenager and several friends from Virginia drove to a D.C. dance club. They left the club shortly after midnight and stopped for gas on 14th Street. Moments later, two carloads of Latino gang members pulled into the station and attacked the Virginia teenagers. A nearby police officer heard gunfire and saw the Virginia vehicle speeding away from the station. He stopped the car, arrested the Latino teenager, and charged him with attempted murder based on a wounded gang member’s accusation. A judge denied him bail because of the serious charges. Shortly thereafter, the teenager’s parents retained Mr. Sparks. With the aid of a seasoned investigator, Mr. Sparks developed exculpatory evidence and presented it to the judge. The judge reversed his decision and released the teenager from jail. The prosecutor subsequently dropped all charges. Had the family not retained Mr. Sparks, the teenager would have been formally indicted and remained in jail pending trial.

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, you should call Washington, D.C. criminal defense lawyer Douglas Sparks at (202) 797-8200, fill out his online case inquiry form , or email him at .

Client Reviews
"Mr. Sparks is by far the best lawyer I have ever met. Lawyers are easy to find, but finding one who is smart, honest, thorough, and truly cares about people is very difficult. Every member of my family has trusted him for over twenty years, and he has never let us down. Mr. Sparks is REAL and passionate about helping others." Sanaz
"Doug made me feel confident and welcome after my first lawyer gave up on my auto accident case. I was impressed by his intelligence, fast thinking, and attention to detail." Auto Accident Client
"A truly rare attorney who is out solely for YOUR best interest. In the courtroom, Doug dominated. He is extremely skilled, and an expert in what he does." Criminal Defense Client