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Client Reviews

The reviews below provide insight into how Mr. Sparks approaches cases, relates to clients, and collaborates with co-counsel. They can help you decide whether Mr. Sparks is the right lawyer for you. 

“A Stellar Lawyer with an Impeccable Record — Don't Hesitate”

—Sexual Assault Client

I met Douglas Sparks at likely the most vulnerable time in my life. I had been assaulted by a man who broke into my building. The building management had been aware of numerous security issues but hadn't informed the tenants. Doug immediately made me and my family feel confident that we were in good hands, and that, even after such a harrowing experience, we could count on him to fight for us and, by extension, the safety of all tenants in the building. He came prepared, as he always does, and his work, even before we'd met, spoke for itself.

Our case was very successful thanks to Doug. His attention to every detail was superb, and he left no corner of the case undiscovered. Throughout the case, I had so much to manage — emotionally, mentally, and professionally. Moving forward in a healthy way often seemed impossible, but Doug and his excellent team allowed me to focus where it was required — on the process of healing myself — instead of the process of the lawsuit. Of course, he spent time answering my questions, no matter how trivial. He prepared me for the case, informed me of my options, but didn’t burden me with too much information.

I recommend Doug without hesitation and with great enthusiasm. He knows the avenues to success and doesn't shy from using them for the good of his clients. He has a directness that you want on your side. His savvy and expertise make a level playing field out of what often seems like an unfair and drawn-out system. And he is kind and compassionate — which, above all else, is why his clients trust him, and have faith in him, long after their cases are done. Hire Doug Sparks. You'll be happy you did.

“A One In A Million Lawyer”

—Wrongful Death Client

Doug Sparks is a one in a million lawyer. After my only son died in 2011 due to medical errors, a well-known lawyer represented us in a wrongful death case against my son's doctors and a hospital. But shortly before trial in 2014, our lawyer withdrew because my family wouldn't approve a settlement we thought was too low. We felt betrayed and were  frantic because it looked like we would have to go to trial without a lawyer.

After calling many other lawyers with no success, my daughter read about Doug Sparks on the internet and said I should call him.  We had been through a lot, and Doug was the only lawyer that stepped up to help us.  We will forever be grateful to Doug and you will be too if you call him. Doug fights for his clients like he's fighting for his own family. He is smart and intelligent. You don't have to think twice about questioning his judgment or motives because he is completely trustworthy.  

Thank you for everything you did for us, Doug. My family will always refer friends and relatives to you. We love you!

"Doug Sparks — A Lawyer Who Listens”

—Slip and Fall Client

Doug Sparks is the one lawyer who will take time to listen to you. He doesn't say he can't help after a two minute conversation. Like many lawyers, he is busy, however not too busy to give you his time and attention. Doug is very detailed when working on a case. He gathers as much information as possible, and shows his concern for you as a person throughout the case.

I flew to Washington, D.C. from Chicago to see the cherry blossoms with a tour group consisting largely of senior citizens like myself. The Chicago based tour guides accompanied our group and took us to see monuments on the national mall. They positioned our group for a picture with the U.S. Capitol in the background. They told us to move back a few feet on the platform, but didn’t tell our group about a set of steps behind us. I fell down the steps and was badly injured. I had to have surgery and a lot of follow up medical care. Doug represented me in a lawsuit against the tour guides. Their insurance company fought the case until just before trial when they settled.

I recently called Doug ten years after my case was over and he actually remembered me and my case. We talked for a long time, just like it was yesterday. I just want to say "Thank you to Mr. Sparks" for helping me when no one else would.

“Doug Helped Us Get Our Life Back”

—Criminal Defense Client

Doug Sparks, or “Super Attorney” as I refer to him, has been my trusted lawyer, legal adviser, and friend for over 20 years. I have dealt with several lawyers in my lifetime, and none is better. It is truly rare to find an attorney who is out solely for YOUR best interest. But this is Doug. I worked with him on three big cases, and we won every time. This man has never let me down.

Most recently, I struggled financially, mentally, and emotionally for almost a year because of false felony charges brought by an arrogant and dangerous prosecutor against me and my wife. Doug helped us take our life back. He spent day and night committed to our case and our overall well-being. He sat with me many times to answer questions at each step. He was always responsive. Doug’s compassion and confidence gave us strength to fight through this nightmare.

I was floored by the sheer amount of evidence Doug compiled and analyzed. He had impeccable attention to detail and was more organized than the prosecutor or even the judge. It was truly amazing. In the courtroom, Doug dominated. He is extremely skilled, and an expert in what he does. It comes natural to him. Our four-day trial ended with the judge belittling the prosecutor for bringing the charges in the first place. The judge granted a motion for acquittal in the middle of trial and the case didn’t even go to the jury. I will forever thank Doug for fighting for my family to be together, for our freedom, and for bringing our life back to normal. I recommend Doug Sparks 100 percent and always have done so. No lawyer cares more or works harder.

“You Put All Your Heart Into Defending My Parents”

—Criminal Defense Client’s Daughter

Thank you for all your hard work throughout this nightmarish ordeal. We are so appreciative and can't thank you enough. You put all your heart into defending my parents. We love you!!

“A Light at the End of a Dark Tunnel”

—Wrongful Death Client

After interviews with many other lawyers, Mr. Sparks was the only one who was sympathetic and had the most legal knowledge of the dysfunctional District of Columbia Department of Corrections. He was there for me during the darkest days of my legal struggles. He was never reluctant to confront those involved in my case; from the mayor, to the city council, to the head of corrections. He worked with me and for me to establish new laws and bring focus to dangerous city policies. He helped me to help others so they would not have to face the personal challenges and intense pain of losing a son, like I did. Because of his dedication, I was finally able to see a brighter day mentally and financially. I thank God every day for sending Mr. Sparks into my life, and for sending me a lawyer who fought for my son.

“Perseverant to the Bones, He Does Not Give Up”

—Auto Accident Client

I was annoyed with the first lawyer for my automobile accident case. When it looked like we would have go to court, he gave up. Fortunately, he handed me Douglas Sparks’ card. I am from a modest Latino family and was afraid that Mr. Sparks would turn down my case. What a surprise, after meeting Doug I felt confident and welcome. He had a great attitude towards me and explained all the details of the court process. Even though he made no promises of winning, I was convinced he would fight for me all the way. I was impressed by his attention to detail, hard work and perseverance. Doug actually had an investigator meet me at the scene of the accident at 6:30 a.m. (exact accident time) and video light sequences at the intersection where it occurred.

After going through court all the way to the pretrial, the insurance company offered a generous settlement. Doug wouldn’t settle earlier for an amount he thought wasn’t fair. I was impressed by Doug's intelligence, fast thinking, and attention to detail. I have stayed in touch and always refer friends and family to him when they need a lawyer.

“You Need This Lawyer on Your Side!”

—Employment Termination Client

I am honored to post this review. After being unfairly terminated from my job in the summer of 2010, a close friend suggested I call Doug. Upon looking him up on the Internet, I learned he is a well-known attorney who has won highly publicized cases. I was intimidated to call, thinking a big-name attorney like Doug would not take a case like mine. After all, I was a little person up against a big system.

To my surprise, Doug immediately responded to my first email which briefly described the sequence of events leading to my termination. I have worked with several attorneys as part of my job, but none of them is half as analytical and perceptive, yet warm and approachable. Doug holds himself to tremendously high professional and ethical standards. I found him completely trustworthy: he did exactly what he said he would do - provide savvy analysis and guidance. He was always many steps ahead of me and everyone else involved in my case. I quickly learned to always follow his advice. Never once was he wrong.

I am extremely grateful to have met Doug. Not only did I get my job back, I was offered a better position - thanks to him. Along the way, Doug cheered me up and reminded me to have faith in myself. It was an extremely difficult time, and it was indeed comforting and empowering to have Doug on my side.

“An Exceptional Attorney, a Remarkably Balanced Package of Skills”

—Dangerous Premises Client

Doug, I just want to tell you how grateful I am to have met you. You're an exceptional attorney. In addition to your obvious knowledge of the law, it is so clear that your morals, values, and ethics are your guiding light. I have not seen this remarkably balanced package of skills and moral code of conduct in my limited interface with the legal profession. I so appreciate your professionalism. You replied promptly to emails, met with me on weekends, did an exhaustive amount of research, and very thoroughly investigated my case. I can’t thank you enough.

“Most Lawyers Would Not Have Taken My Case”

—Pedestrian Accident Client

I had a severe head injury case that most lawyers would not have taken because I was given a jaywalking ticket after being hit by a car. Doug Sparks was introduced to me by a friend, also a lawyer, and he took the case with all its vulnerabilities. He helped me find appropriate medical care without pushing for anyone. Doug has long experience with similar cases and his knowledge of the medical issues was extremely helpful. He followed closely the progress in my recovery and made useful suggestions as to what to discuss with my doctor, what kind of questions to ask, etc.

He always emailed relevant documents to me immediately and was very proactive in keeping me informed of developments and responding to my questions. He often got back to me after hours and even on weekends. I had never worked with a personal injury lawyer before, but I was very happy with Doug's knowledge and assistance as well as of course the very generous settlement he negotiated with the insurance company.

“An Extraordinary Attorney, Your Clients Are Lucky to Get You”

—Wrongful Death Client

Thank you so much Doug!! There are not enough times I can say thank you, but I want you to know that you are a blessing and my family truly appreciates everything you have done. You're an extraordinary attorney, and your clients are lucky to get you. God bless you and your family.

"A Fantastic Lawyer Who Really Cares About His Clients"

—Dangerous Premises Client

Two armed men assaulted me with weapons in a supposedly secure government building in Washington, D.C. Weapons are banned from the building, entrances have walk through metal detectors, and security officers are required to search everyone who enters, but the men nevertheless had weapons in the building. I suffered severe head and spinal cord injuries from the assault and retained Mr. Sparks to represent me.

He obtained all my medical records and analyzed them in great detail. In fact, Mr. Sparks explained my medical conditions to me far better than many of the doctors that treated me did. After the District of Columbia government denied my claim, Mr. Sparks filed an extremely well researched lawsuit in federal court. It was obvious that the lawyers defending the city respected Mr. Sparks and knew he’d had lots of success in suits against D.C. Rather than going through a long and expensive court battle, they agreed to mediation with a magistrate before even taking depositions.

I was extremely happy when the case settled during mediation in 2013 for a lot more money than I was expecting. I’m sure it happened because Mr. Sparks was known and respected by the lawyers and the mediator, and also because he was a great negotiator. I received a lump sum payment up front, and also will receive additional tax free payments for the next 15 years. Mr. Sparks earned my admiration, respect, and trust. He is a fantastic lawyer and really cares about his clients. There is no one I’d rather have represent me.